For the love of cork

When I tell people that we have decided on cork flooring for our cottage (with the exception of the bathroom), the reaction has been a mixed bag…something along the lines of “like a cork board?” Not quite. Cork flooring has evolved and is available in a variety of sizes, colors & patterns.  Yes, you can still get a very basic cork that does resemble a bulletin board but that is by no means the only option.  It may not seem like conventional flooring choice for some people, but I like the look and I have done my homework.

Here are the main reasons we are choosing cork (aside from the fact I think it is pretty)…

Affordability: Price is very competitive compared to other wood products.  Our selection is $2.99 sq/ft before the contractor & promotional discounts through my employer

Naturally resistant to mold, mildew & termites: THIS IS A BIG ONE, especially since the cottage will not be used full-time  BONUS: More hypoallergenic than carpet or other wood products

Durability/Comfort:  Certain amount of natural cushion, ability to “bounce back” minor dents and scratches, which may be less noticeable due to the texture of the product, also provides sound & temperature insulation

Sustainability: ZERO trees are cut down to manufacture cork flooring, the product is made from the bark of cork trees.  There is also minimal waste/emission in the manufacturing of cork flooring

I am under no illusion that cork is the “perfect” floor because that just doesn’t exist, there are drawbacks.  Just like any other natural or engineered wood product, cork is susceptible to swelling/buckling when exposed to too much moisture or standing water.  Also, when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, the color of cork flooring can fade.

Below are some photos (courtesy of Lowes) of the flooring we have selected.  It is a natural, light to medium variegated tone  As is usually the case, I think it looks better in person but I digress…


Have you or would you ever consider cork flooring?




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