Cottage: Behind the Scenes

It am a little overdue on a Cottage update, other than my recent post (For the love of cork) about our flooring choice, which I think counts as half credit.img_8633

Mark & I  haven’t been back up there to work since last fall but there has been plenty of planning on our end and other things going on behind the scenes so to speak.  Dad has been handling getting all utilities squared away and last month we passed our mechanical inspection!  New furnace, new wiring, new plumbing, propane tank connected…how’s that for progress!?

Also, last weekend Dad picked up the beautiful pine boards pictured below from a local Amish man he has worked with on past projects.   These will be finished with a white wash and installed instead of drywall on our ceilings and one large accent wall in the living room…this is one of the elements for the Cottage I am most excited about.

Mark & I will be headed up there over Easter weekend and we can’t wait to get our hands dirty again.  Between Mark changing jobs, my surgery, Holidays, and life in general we have missed working on the cottage these last few months and are ready to get back to it!

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