Cottage: Onward!

FINALLY over Easter weekend were back in Michigan to work on our cottage after what felt like a long hiatus for the two of us.  In addition to Mom & Dad, we were fortunate enough to have some extra help from our friends, Stephanie & Aaron.

We ended up dividing & conquering between our cottage and our cousin’s that is also undergoing the renovation process.  At our cottage the drywall was taped and mudded, then we started installing the pine boards on the main wall, which will eventually go on the ceiling as well. It is ironic how much effort goes into making something like that look random, but it will be BEAUTIFUL!


 While we all  worked, Ruby hunted moles…everyone has their talents

Another important step was nailing down some selections…which  can feel like the hardest part.  Looking at samples from a distance isn’t nearly the same as testing them on site with the light, flooring choice (For the love of cork), etc.  After trying a few finishes on the pine boards, and painting a couple of color swatches…we have winners!… Now I just have to avoid the paint section at Lowe’s so I don’t begin to second guess myself.


In addition to working, we were able to spend time with family & friends we don’t get to see often enough, a reminder of why we are doing this.  As usual, Mom outdid herself keeping everyone fed (Remember this? Mom, The Gracious Hostess)  We even had time at the end of the day to enjoy a few beers and s’mores around the first bonfire of the year for all of us.

Good company & good times all around!

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