Spring Cleaning Part 1: In

A few weeks ago Mark nearly made me swoon… he mentioned (out of nowhere) that we should pick a weekend soon to go through the house room by room and deep clean together.  Yes please!

We have a pretty even divide of regular “chores” that suits us both well.  For example: he does the floors/I do the bathrooms…he mows/ I weed the flower beds.  However, even as a team, a full seasonal clean can still be a daunting task.

Here’s an idea of what our Spring Cleaning will entail, starting with Part 1: Inside

1. Seasonal wardrobe change

I actually enjoy this one, swap out fall/winter clothes in closet & dresser for spring/summer clothes in totes under the bed.  Also, sort out any clothes for donation.

2. Move & clean under/behind…

This includes appliances (I can’t tell you the last time our fridge has been moved so that should be fun) and all furniture to sweep/vacuum/dust areas that are usually unreachable

3. Tackle the nooks & crannies

Baseboards, stray cobwebs in corners and on ceiling, vents, “wash the walls” as my mom would say, anything that gets missed in daily/weekly cleaning

4. Edit & organize

Clean out all expired items including food from pantry and fridge, medicine and personal care products from bathrooms and re-organize respective storage areas

5. General Maintenance

Change out water & air filters (we do this quarterly), touch up any scuffs on walls, tighten lose toilet paper holder…you get the idea

Spring cleaning may not be fun per se, but it always feels worth it.  My house feels fresher and it allows more free time to enjoy the warmer weather once it arrives.

Speaking of weather, hopefully before long we’ll be ready for Part 2: Out…stay tuned!







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