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Spring Cleaning Part 1: In

A few weeks ago Mark nearly made me swoon… he mentioned (out of nowhere) that we should pick a weekend soon to go through the house room by room and deep clean together.  Yes please! We have a pretty even divide of regular “chores”… Continue Reading “Spring Cleaning Part 1: In”

That One Room

I know at least some of you have one too…that one room in the house that is both multipurpose while simultaneously serving no single purpose well at all. Sometimes we refer to it as the spare room, sometimes the office because there is a… Continue Reading “That One Room”

Goals Revisited

We are officially one full month into 2018 (which is CRAZY)  I’ve been thinking it is about time for me to briefly recap/revisit my 2017 GOALS with you… 1.Finish Cottage Remodel We have made AMAZING progress on the cottage! It is now in living condition and… Continue Reading “Goals Revisited”

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