Downsized Update

Mark and I had grand ideas about doing a complete overhaul of our living room…we were going to completely reconfigure our furniture, mount the tv over the fireplace, looked into buying a sectional…until we did a mock-up with our current furniture and it was terrible (I alluded to this here) Sometimes things are better in your imagination than in reality, this was one of those times.

BUT…that did not keep us from making some updates to our living room, albeit more subtle ones.  My Mom and I were just talking about this a few weeks ago, because she is doing the same thing at her house.  You don’t always have to buy a lot of new or expensive  items to make a difference. Incorporating a few inexpensive new pieces or just rearranging what you already have can still make an impact.

In this case, we did end up purchasing some new pieces.  This was not a one day trip. This occurred several days over several weeks at several stores (bless Mark for his patience when it comes to this stuff).

First, I wanted to find lighting that would coordinate but not necessarily all match, we ended up with lamps from 3 different stores

  1. Mix & Match lamp & shade From Target
  2. Accent lamp from Hobby Lobby
  3. Pair of  floor lamps from T.J. Maxx

Next…we flanked our sofa with this pair of C-Tables from Pier 1. They are multifunctional, easy to move around as needed, the storage is a nice feature, and the look reminds me of antique school desks.  Oh, and Ruby loves running under them.

Saving the best for last…after a great deal of searching we found an Ottoman on display (and on sale!) at our local LA-Z-BOY that was the perfect style/scale but I wasn’t crazy about the pattern. Then we were reminded that we could order it with a custom fabric choice and the sale price would still qualify.  As we were looking through the samples one of the Managers came up and showed me this fabric that was just released and wasn’t on display yet.  It took approximately .5 seconds to say YES! It has all of the colors in our living room and I LOVE the pattern…considering ordering a few toss pillows in this fabric.  This is the second time we have placed a custom order through this store and it has been well worth the wait!

We didn’t end up with a dramatic transformation but our living room does feel updated; a few friends have even noticed a difference.  This downsized version was also more affordable and proved bigger isn’t always better.

What BIG or SMALL projects do you have in the works?





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