Spring Cleaning Part 2: Out

Well today is officially the first day of Spring!…now we just need Mother Nature to play along so it actually feels like it.

In Part 1 I shared my Spring cleaning to-do list.  In the spirit of full transparency, I will admit is nowhere near done yet.  Mark and I still need to pick a day to really knock it out; but I’m telling myself I have plenty of time.

Now that the weather SHOULD be nicer soon, it is almost time to move things outside…

  1. Treat lawn 

    We keep it simple with a combo of fertilizer & weed preventer applied once in the Spring & again in the fall.  Our neighbor has an immaculate lawn and there is no use trying to compete with him.   As long as I don’t have a yard covered in dandelions I’m happy.

  2. Spruce up flower beds

    Pull weeds, prune bushes, apply Preen (weed preventer) add fresh mulch and possibly a few new flowers. It amazes me each year how much of a difference this makes.

  3. Prep patio

    Clean off furniture, pull out cushions from storage, clean grill, refill propane tanks, new potted plants, and see what cute new decorations I may come across.

  4. Clean exterior  

    Spray with house wash & clean out dryer vent…not the most glamorous tasks but necessary.  I’ll also keep an eye out for a hanging basket & potted plant for the front porch.

  5. Clean Garage 

    Nothing fancy…Sweep, organize, sort out items to donate, store seasonal items.


Anything on your Spring Cleaning to-do list  that I missed?

Did you already get a head start?







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