Spring Desk Decor

Spring is officially here, even if the past couple days haven’t felt like it.  However, I decided it was still the perfect time to refresh my desk space in honor of the season change.  I spend the better part of 8 hours a day Mon-Fri at my desk, why not make it pretty?  Amidst the computer stuff, paperwork, files, & office supplies it is nice to be able to look over and see my own personal “nook” with the following items…img_8624

  • Cute framed print  from Target (only $3!)
  • Photo collage of  me & Mark from Shutterfly
  • Two small succulents in geometric containers
  • Sweet Magnolia scented soy candle (also from Target)
  • Stress Relief hand sanitizer from B&BW
  • Dionis Blue Ridge Wildflower hand cream
  • Fun, printed tissue box (generic brand)

In the future I plan on changing out a few of the items from time to time to reflect the seasons…or whenever I get bored with it.

Do you get to personalize your workspace? What are your favorite items to have at your desk?

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