That One Room

I know at least some of you have one too…that one room in the house that is both multipurpose while simultaneously serving no single purpose well at all.

Sometimes we refer to it as the spare room, sometimes the office because there is a desk and bookshelf in there.  Occasionally we have used it as a secondary guest room, but most of the time we just use it to shove things we don’t know what else to do with, like a giant junk drawer.  Immediately after Thanksgiving it turns in to a staging area for Christmas decorations and a wrapping station, and that usually lasts until mid-January. There is a reason that door is always closed when we have company. 

This isn’t the first time this room has been a topic on here..there was this previous attempt  to make the room more pleasing to the eye. I really like some of the vintage/sports “theme” items we have collected, and would like to keep them.  However, those elements quickly get overshadowed by all of the clutter.

In my last post I talked about goals but I neglected this one…THIS will be the year THAT ONE ROOM will get a real purpose and be treated as such. I’m not exactly sure yet what that will be, probably an office, to be continued…


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