The Blank Wall


As I have mentioned before, our office/extra bedroom/storage room has been somewhat of a thorn in my side since the day we moved in.  However, this Spring, I am on a mission to finally turn it into a finished and cohesive space. I am very fortunate that my husband allows me a great deal of free reign when it comes to design and decorating in our house, so my goal for this room is to be more of a reflection of him and his love for Purdue University as an Alum and lifelong fan.  I started doing a few minor things but struggled with was a big blank wall and what to do with it…


Last year I came across a calendar of reproduction vintage Purdue football posters which I thought might just be perfect for this room.  After the end of 2015, I decided to turn the calendar into wall art.  I selected 6 of my favorite posters from the calendar as they were not all equally appealing.  Then I  searched frames that were simple, but not all the identical so I opted to go with black & gold (Purdue colors) With some searching online and in stores I found what I needed and for less than $10 each.

img_6801I started by removing the posters I wanted to use from the calendar then placing in the frames (I was even able to include a little love for MSU~Go Green!)  Then I laid them out on the floor to see the order I wanted to put them in and placed the Command strips (I LOVE THESE) on the back according to the directions.  I also measured/mapped out on the wall where I wanted them to to and marked with a pencil.  First, I started with the two I wanted to use in the middle and then added to either side.

So for less than $50 I have wall art that takes up a significant amount of space on my blank wall, and my husband approves. Now to finish the rest of the room…


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