Cottage: Memorial Weekend

Once again, I feel like I am a little tardy with this update, but better late than never right?  Over Memorial Day Weekend we were back in Michigan working on the cottage and were able to get A LOT accomplished while still having time to enjoy visiting with friends and family.

Mark and Dad finished installing the pine boards on the “main” wall in the living room.  Then Mark and I went back and forth approximately 753 times on whether to leave it natural or white wash…finally landed on natural.  This wood is too pretty to mess with, so we’ll just add a light satin coat of poly to protect it.

We reached a big milestone….PAINT!  All of the walls, with the exception of the bathroom were primed and then painted.  VERY. EXCITING. STUFF.  For the living room and kitchen we chose Shark Loop by Valspar.  The bedroom and the bathroom are on the small side so we wanted to keep those two lighter and selected Ghost Ship.

Even though we decided to keep the pine wood natural in the living room, we decided to white wash the pine boards for the bedroom ceiling to help keep it light and bright.  I put on one coat of Minwax White Wash Pickling which will also be followed by a light poly coat to seal.

Last, but not least, I had a little help from this cutie touching up some of the exterior img_8920paint on the block foundation.  She is a very good helper and I’ll take any excuse I can get to hang out with her.

Our next scheduled trip is in July, at which time we’ll be able to stay for an entire week for our vacation.

Stay Tuned!

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