Tiny Houses


Last night I was cuddled on the couch with our pup Ruby watching Tiny House Hunters, which is what lead me to writing this post today.   If you regularly watch or follow home & design networks you’ve no doubt seen the increasing trend in people deciding to move into tiny houses and the shows documenting these quests.

Photos courtesy of HGTV

Many tiny houses look like  dollhouses, others are converted buses or shipping containers, some are mobile and some are not.  People are making the move for a variety of reasons including the wish to downsize, financial freedom,  and the appeal of not being tied down to one location.  While I’m not ready to take that kind of leap (and will likely never be) I do have an appreciation for certain aspects of tiny house living.

No Wasted Space: Every last inch in tiny houses serves a purpose.  Many houses today (including my own) have a significant amount of square footage that is nothing other than empty space to walk around in. Tiny houses are meticulously planned out for maximum efficiency.

Multi Function: Many design elements in tiny homes are dual purpose.  Examples include stairs to a loft that also serve as a bookcase or kitchen storage underneath, or a built in sofa that the seat lifts up for additional storage

Keep What Counts: Individuals moving into tiny houses are typically downsizing which means they are having to either sell, donate, or store a good amount of their belongings.  This means the only things making their way into the tiny home are important.  There is only space for items that are truly useful or sentimental.

Could you ever live in a tiny house?


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