Summer So Far

I have completely slacked on my blogging as of late.  It’s been over 2 months since my last post.  My excuse? Summer.  In my attempt to play catch up, here’s what we’ve been up to…

We spent a week at our cottage

We had already made a couple weekend trips but over July 4th we were able to stay for a full week.  This is the 2nd summer vacation we’ve spent at our cottage after 2 the two previous summers spent renovating it.  Every drop of sweat and penny spent is well worth the time with family, pontoon rides, bonfires, quiet morning walks in the woods and everything else that comes with it.

We visited Manistee,  MI

A few years ago we started a tradition during our summer vacations in Michigan of picking a new destination for a day/overnight trip, this year we picked Manistee.  This was a first for Mark and what felt like a first for me.  From what my parents’ told me there is a good chance we visited there when I was too young to remember.  We spent the day exploring, eating, sipping and shopping our way through this little lake shore  town.  We were also lucky enough to be there to watch the Manitowac cargo ship come all the way down through the canal.

We adopted another dog

His name is Woody and he was an unclaimed stray that we discovered through the same rescue group we adopted Ruby from.  Our first attempt at fostering was a “fail” in the best possible way.  He’s been recovering from surgery and he has a lot to learn and experience but he is sweet as can be and is already part of our family.  I have quickly learned how difficult it is to get a good photo of 2 dogs at once…I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

We completed zero projects around our house

Unless buying new cushions for our patio furniture counts? (not pictured) Other than that we did nothing by way of DIY/home improvement projects.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of projects I have in mind.  However, evenings on the patio, long walks with the dogs, nights out with friends and various other summer activities have been the priority.  I’ll have plenty to keep me busy this fall.


I hope you’ve wonderful summer so far and enjoy what is left of it.  I promise it won’t be another two months until my next post.


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