DIY Kids’ Art Display

I have to give full credit to my mom for this post.  She texted me a few weeks ago to let me know she had an idea and sent me a few photos.  I loved the idea and decided to work on it while we were in town for Memorial Day weekend.

I know plenty of parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc. are interested in ways to display kids’ artwork in a way that is a step above the tried & true refrigerator/magnet method.  My great niece made the 4 seasonal paintings ( pictured above and below) and Mom liked them so much she decided to pull together some supplies to create a display that would not only showcase her art but still blend in nicely with their decor.

This is the perfect time of year for a project like this since kids are bringing home plenty of artwork as the school year closes.  Also, this would be a perfect summer project to do on a rainy day.

Mom already had everything on hand for this project…artwork, scrap cardboard, scrap wood, paint and/or stain, brush, glue gun & pop tabs.

All it took was a few simple steps…

  • Cut scrap wood & cardboard to size
    • In this case we glued directly to the cardboard that the artwork was already painted on, you would just need to glue the artwork to the cardboard 
  • Stain/paint wood as desired & let dry
  • Line up wood on cardboard and glue in place
  • Glue pop tab to back if desired for hanging

Quick, easy, and basically free depending what supplies you already have.


Much better than a magnet on a refrigerator if you ask me 🙂



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