My Style?

If you asked me today what my decor style is I honestly couldn’t give you a direct answer…maybe rustic-modern-vintage? or cozy-antique-eclectic? perhaps target-amazon-thrifted would be the most accurate summary.  I enjoy incorporating elements from lots of different styles and that is what makes up MY style.  Our bedroom looks very different from our living room, bathroom, etc. and there is nothing wrong with that.  I love each unique space in our home.

It is easy to get caught up in wanting your decor to look like someone else’s; it is also easy to get discouraged when it doesn’t.  There is nothing wrong with admiring a certain style but you should never let that make you dislike your own.  I  love being exposed to a wide variety of decor…from boho to farmhouse to minimalist and everything in between.  Even if I wouldn’t put something in particular in my own house, I can still appreciate the beauty and the effort behind it.

It is ok to absolutely love one specific style and decorate your house top to bottom in it.  It is also ok to not have one set style, like me.


The #1 rule I have learned about decor?



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air plant / ceramic birds

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