Sectional Hypocrisy

Once upon a time I told myself I would never own a sectional…but here I sit writing this post while curled up on the perfectly comfy chaise of our recently delivered sectional. img_8363

I’m not exactly sure where my  misguided anti-sectional notion came from in the first place but this decision wasn’t something I took lightly.  Our previous living room furniture was one of our first big purchases after we moved in together.  It served us well for several years but was showing signs of wear and wasn’t as comfortable as we would have liked.  Once we realized it was time to start thinking (and budgeting) for something new we took our time, over a year in fact.

We decided on a sectional and here is why…

Comfort & Coziness ~ Our #1 priority. We wanted something that would fill a large portion of our living room but would still be cozy.  We needed furniture that would allow Mark, Ruby and I to all lounge/cuddle/nap to our hearts’ content while still having enough space when we have company

Style  & Configuration ~ Sectionals have come a long way. There are now design options to match nearly any style of decor.  Not to mention a myriad of fabric choices and custom options like recliners, chaises, power features, etc.  With those options we were able to select the configuration that would make the best use of our space

After extensive searching and debate…and lots of “test sitting” we settled on the Reese sectional from LAZBOY  and waited for a good sale.  We chose a fabric that would coordinate with the ottoman we already owned and were able to include matching accent pillows with our custom order.

The lead time we were given was about 8 weeks.  This felt like FOREVER once we had finally made up our minds but it actually arrived a little ahead of schedule.  Delivery day was so exciting that Mark sent me pictures of the process while I was at work because he gets me.

We both agreed it was well worth the wait.


Here we are a few weeks in and we keep asking each other “What took us so long?” 

Furniture can be a big investment and commitment.  There is nothing wrong with taking the time to shop around, discuss, save up,  wait for sales and discuss some more to get exactly what you want…even if it ends up being something you once said you’d never want 🙂






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