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When it comes to home decor that isn’t antique or thrifted, there are two retailers that I consistently purchase from, one of them being Amazon.  Maybe it isn’t the first place that comes to mind for you when shopping for decor but I have been pleasantly surprised.  Let’s not forget the fact that with Prime there are literally thousands of items that can be delivered to your door step in a few days.  If you are impatient like me it is perfect.  Mark knows that when a package is delivered there is a solid 88% chance it is from Amazon.

Below are a few of my recent Amazon finds for the home.  For comparison I’ve included my own picture (first) and a photo from the listing (second).

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

throw pillow covers

I was looking for pillow covers that were affordable, neutral and had a subtle pattern…these fit the bill for less than $10 each.  I have purchased 4 of these so far for a total cost that is less than one throw pillow would cost at some high-end home decor stores.  They have several sizes, colors and patterns available.  Swapping out covers is a great way to get a new look to do it without the cost or storage of additional pillows.

magnetic wood frame

I have purchased 2 of these, one is at our cottage and the one pictured below is in our hallway.  It is perfect for displaying vintage prints or paintings simply and beautifully without the fuss of a traditional glass frame.  There are 4 finishes available in a multitude of sizes.

LED pillar candles

I love the ambiance of candles but when it comes to pillar candles I can’t get past the mess or the fire hazard…so these are a great alternative for me, simple as that.

square bathroom rug

This size/shape is perfect for our hall/guest bathroom.  It was a debate between this and the circle option in the same color but ultimately the square won.  In addition to the two shape options, there are several color choices available.

I haven’t been brave enough yet to purchase any large items or furniture pieces from Amazon, only smaller home accents & accessories.  I’ll make sure to share if I ever take the leap.

Do you have any favorite home purchases from Amazon?


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