Cottage: 2019

Last week’s post was about the itch to switch and the projects we have planned for our house as we start the year, but I left out the cottage.  First and foremost, we plan to visit and enjoy our little cottage as much as possible! Even though we finished the interior last year, there are still some projects on the horizon.

On our agenda for 2019 is “finishing” the basement.  The basement is a good size; it is the exact same footprint as the upper level.  However, the ceiling is very low and without “jacking up” the entire cottage there is no way to change that.  Also, to access the basement you have to walk around the outside, there is no interior access.  We have no intentions of this ever being a living space,  so our version of “finishing” will be making it into a more pleasant storage and utility space.  This may may not seem like the most exciting or creative DIY to plan for but it will be an improvement nonetheless and therefore I am looking forward to it.

Here is our basement to-do list for this spring/summer:

  • apply masonry waterproofer to walls
  • apply epoxy coating on floors
  • add shelving/storage options
  • figure out replacement/alternative for entry door

We are also looking into the possibility of putting on a metal roof but that is a plan and a post for another day…maybe even another year.  It will be a few months before I have any basement progress updates to share but I wanted to let you know what’s to come for our little cottage in 2019.




2 Comments on “Cottage: 2019

  1. Sounds like a huge undertaking but it’s good to knock things off our to do lists! Good luck with the basement.


    • Thank you Susan! We might need all the luck we can get 🙂 but if things go as planned I think it will make the basement feel a lot less “creepy”


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