Our Home for the Holidays

Topic of the day: CHRISTMAS IS ONE WEEK AWAY….then before we know it BOOM, 2019. I wish I could hit pause for a few days just to bake cookies, watch Elf on repeat and make a snowman…not that we have any snow, it is supposed to be in the 40’s all week 😦  Even though it doesn’t quite feel like winter outside, when I’m at home and I have the lights on and candles going (and the blinds closed) it feels perfectly Christmasy.

Since I did a little “tour” of My Fall Decor, I figured it would be fitting to do the same for Christmas.  Our decorations are pretty simple overall.  If I had to sum up the look I was going for in two words they would be: cozy & rustic.  I try to incorporate our seasonal with our year-round decor as much as possible.  This way I can leave out some stuff all winter instead of packing it all up after the Holidays.  Afterall, this is the time of year that our house feels the most comfortable and welcoming. I want to enjoy and share it as long as possible.

That being said, come on in…front door/entry

our beloved Christmas tree ( also refer to “tree selfie” below)

living area full of lots of throw pillows and blankets…because there is no such thing as “too many”

kitchen/eat-in dining…clearly I’m digging pine cones this year

I couldn’t resist adding some special touches to our guest room and hall bath before our friends’ visit a few weeks ago

Now here is the ironic part of this post, we won’t actually be spending Christmas at our house.  We’ll be heading North to Michigan on Christmas Eve (THANK YOU to our wonderful neighbors for watching over our house while we are gone).  This will be our first Christmas spent at our cottage and we are very excited.  I picked out a few things to bring with us that will add a little Christmas cheer and can also stay up through the winter months.


Maybe it seems crazy to you to go through the effort of decorating your house for Christmas and then leave.  Or maybe if you’re like me, you agree that it is totally worth it.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!







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