Holiday Decor on a Budget

December is officially here.  I know that many of you have already started (and finished) decorating for the Holidays but there are some that abide by a rule of waiting until after December 1st.  Or maybe you had plans to start earlier and then life happened. Either way, we all know it can be an expensive and stressful part of the season, but it shouldn’t have to be.  Here are a few quick tips to hopefully make your Holiday decorating a little cheaper and easier.

Rearrange & Repurpose

This may seem obvious but I think it can be underutilized and is the best place to start. It is easy to get into a routine of putting the same decorations in the same spots from one year to the next.  This year I focused on changing things around and I was pleasantly surprised how much of a difference it made.   Also, don’t forget to incorporate your year-round decor into seasonal decor. I have a few small boxwood wreaths that I use all year long by blending them with seasonal accents. Getting creative with what you already have can be a rewarding (and money saving) challenge.

Keep it Natural

We are surrounded by all sorts of natural elements that can be perfect for Holiday decor…think pinecones & dried fruit. If you don’t happen to have a pine or fruit tree  you can offer to help a friend who does by helping clean up their yard, it’s a win-win. Or worst case scenario, you end up buying a few which is still cheaper than many other decorations. Also, a few extra clippings from your Christmas tree can look beautiful displayed in a vase.  If you don’t have a real tree, many tree farms/lots will allow you to take some of their clippings for no charge, but ask first.

Use Free Stuff

As that last example above shows, you may not have to spend a dime for new decorations.  Never underestimate the charm and whimsy of a classic popcorn garland…as long as you don’t have to worry about your kids or dogs eating it. Also, using frames you already have you can get cute free printables like this one from my friend Tammy as another great resource.

Shop Around

If you do decide you want to purchase a few new things, and your budget allows, there are some very affordable options.  The Target Dollar Spot is seriously awesome for cute & cheap seasonal decorations.  Dollar stores have also really upped their seasonal decor game after the last few years. Lastly, stores like Hobby Lobby & Michaels regularly offer 50% off their Holiday decorations.

Candles & More Candles

If all else fails just light a bunch of candles all over your house.  Nothing is cozier this time of year than candlelight. Please just make sure to exercise the normal caution to prevent injury or fires…nobody wants to spend the Holidays dealing with either of those things.

Happy Holiday Decorating!


3 Comments on “Holiday Decor on a Budget

  1. As you know I’m a December 1 person, so Annabelle and I spent much of the weekend decorating. She likes to know where things came from so there are lots of stories to go with the decorations that have so many memories attached for me. We don’t put them in the same place as last year and don’t put the same ones together so the old is new every year. Mom


    • I’m so glad she loves doing that as much as I did. I am convinced that decorating for Christmas with you is why I still love it so much today.


  2. Thanks for the tips! Great ideas on using natural elements. Happy holidays!


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