Where to start?

Recently a friend commented on one of my IG posts that she struggles with knowing where to start when it comes to decorating and design...I get it.   The last few days I’ve been thinking about times I have struggled with inspiration and what my suggestions are for someone in a similar position.  I’ve realized that for me all it takes it takes is ONE THING…one color, pattern, piece of art or furniture or even a small accessory to draw inspiration from and build on.

How do you find your one thing? As I see it, there are two ways you can go about this…

Seek out inspiration.  This is an active approach when you are ready (or beyond ready) to make a change.  It could involve scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, etc.. for a specific theme or idea.  Or it could involve collecting a dozen or more different  paint samples to see what you are drawn to.  You could even look around your house for items you already have and LOVE and decide to find more items similar in theme or design.

Let inspiration come to you.  This is a more passive, but perfectly acceptable, option.  Perhaps you have had a few thoughts about making a change but aren’t quite ready yet.  Be patient and keep your eyes and mind open.  You never know when or where inspiration will strike you.  I think of it as waiting for a “lightbulb” or “aha” moment.

The latter approach is what happened in the case of our guest room.  Orange may not be the first color you think of when it comes to decor…but when I came across this  metal accent table (pictured) I decided it could be a perfect nightstand and went from there.  Picking a jumping off point doesn’t have to mean going all-out…I wasn’t interested in orange walls but I did want the color to be pronounced.  I started searching for other accent pieces that would coordinate and it was surprising how easily it came together from there.

Finding inspiration can sometimes be harder than the execution; don’t get discouraged if you have a hard time getting started!




2 Comments on “Where to start?

  1. Love this! I always try to start with one color that catches my eye, and then build around it! The only problem for me is choosing that color… especially if I go to Target, where I like ALL the colors.. in which case I drop down to which color palette has the cutest items 😂

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