Cottage: Slept In

We ended 2017 with quite a momentous occasion for our little cottage, we slept in it for the VERY FIRST TIME.

It happened somewhat suddenly as frozen pipes discovered in a neighboring cottage and extra room needed at my parents led to this decision at about 11:00 last Saturday night. The bedroom was already 98% done and the bathroom was usable. I had the sheets, blankets and pillows stored away for when we were ready for them so all I had to do was make the bed.

Remaining to do: Find headboard, wall art, finishing touches

The main purpose of this trip was for a family Christmas, but we also hoped to get a little work done. Unfortuntately, Mark ended up getting a nasty cold and was down for the count most of the weekend.  Thankfully, Dad had been working on the bathroom the week prior, so between he and I we finished painting and hung the mirror. Have I mentioned recently how awesome he and my mom are?

Remaining bathroom to-do: Install shelves & hardware, decorate

Dad also helped install a couple of our favorite finds.   First, “The Lake Cottage” weathered metal signs which will be a focal point when you walk in.  Second, this adorable chicken-coop inspired wine rack that we found at a flea market…fun and functional 🙂

Last, but not least, we ended up having a larger propane tank put in a few weeks ago.


Just a few months shy of 2 years since we decided to buy the cottage, and we’re almost ready for our final inspection.


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