Cottage: Water Works

I am a little behind in posting but over the last week Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping and life in general took precedence. We have some major bathroom progress to share…we have water! (and lights and heat, but you already knew that)

During week leading up to Thanksgiving, the plumbing in the cottage was completed, Dad also set the tile floor in the bathroom. While we were in town for the holiday weekend, Mark & Dad hung the last few pieces of greenboard.


While Dad was working on the tape/mud in the bathroom, Mark and I decided to work on mounting the TV.  The directions said it should take 30 minutes…that was a lie.

We continue to be in awe of how wonderfully everything is coming together.  We are on the home stretch, and should be ready for final occupancy inspection soon.


Then comes the really fun part for me…DECORATING 🙂


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