TC Treasures

Earlier this week I mentioned that when we were in Michigan for our vacation, we took a break from working on the cottage to visit Traverse City. for a few days  It was somewhat of a do-over for us because the last time we went to Traverse City (first time for Mark) was a few years ago and it wasn’t great.  It had nothing to do with TC per se, but it was cold and rainy for the duration of our stay, we were about 2 weeks too early for the fall color, and our beloved pup Emma was in the early states of kidney failure.

Needless to say we were ready to try again and we were not disappointed in the least.  It was warm, but not humid, with clear blue skies and sunshine  (PERFECT).  Also, since the National Cherry Festival was the week before, and we visited during the week, it wasn’t overly crowded (ALSO PERFECT).  We walked through downtown, visited a few wineries, found some neat antique shops, and ate EVERYTHING.  We had no set schedule or timeline.  It was glorious.

Here are a few favorite pics from our mini vacay

Canal/bay view from downtown shop

Mission Point lighthouse

Bay view @ Hawthorne Winery

Chandeliers @ Jolly Pumpkin

Marina view @ Apache Trout Grill

View of us @ Apache Trout Grill
Now back to the shopping…we are always on the lookout for antiques or other items both for our house and/or the cottage.  And we lucked out with a few unique finds…

Handmade juggling pins from Paris-for our house

Antique golf cart-for our house

Bucket -for the cottage-perfect for bathroom waste bin
What I love the most is that these items all have the memory of our trip to TC tied to them.  So many cool places, and plenty more to check out next time.

Our favorite stops:

Black Star Farms

Wilson Antique Stores (2 TC locations)

Jolly Pumpkin

Apache Trout Grill

Milk & Honey  (so good we had to stop here twice)


Can we go back now?

Have a great weekend!



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