Cottage: Summer Vacation Edition

As vacations often do, ours felt like it went by far too fast.  We spent last week back in Michigan.  It was a wonderfully busy week that included: working on the cottage, a couple of days in Traverse City (more on that to come soon), horse camp with my niece, golf and time enjoyed with family & friends.  It was a nice mix of productivity and relaxation.

As for the cottage, we focused on hanging the remaining pine boards on the walls and vaulted ceiling.  This was a labor intensive process involving sanding, sealing, then hanging…not to mention the puzzle of measuring & figuring sizes & placements of boards.  That being said…it was COMPLETELY worth it, even with the sweat and sore shoulders.  I am very glad that we (mostly due to Mark’s persuasion) decided to leave the pine boards natural.    We used the poly pictured below that added virtually no color, just a very subtle finish to seal and protect the wood.

The last pieces on the peak still need to go up along with the trim. The cork floor was also installed in the kitchen and living areas, and then covered up for protection as work is still in progress.  WE LOVE IT.

As a little side project, I painted these oars from my Uncle for future wall art.

After we headed back to Indiana, I received these pictures the next day…Dad & Mom finished the remaining cork floor in the bedroom…they are THE BEST

The kitchen cabinets were ordered but didn’t arrive in time for us to pick up and install during this trip.  Despite that, we made great progress. My head has been swirling thinking about how everything is going to look all put together…it’s getting closer!

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