Cottage: Bees, a snake & a deck

Over July 4th weekend we were back in Michigan working on the cottage.  In addition to making great progress, we had the chance to visit with some of my extended family.  We were able to share some wonderful meals & conversations with family we do not get to see often.  This also meant we had some extra help on the cottage which was appreciated.  It was a great weekend all around.

We finished the remaining siding up until the peaks when we ran to a problem with bees…angry, stubborn bees that did not want to leave.  This caused a little bit of a delay and change of plans.  We also encountered a water snake nestled right under the front door that had to be relocated.   This is what you get when you renovate a cottage in a remote location…near a lake…surrounded by woods, we’ll just call it ambiance.

We decided to switch gears to tackle the deck.  It was time to tear down the old deck & start over.  Dad is a rock star on his Kubota so that was a huge help.  Before heading back to Indiana Monday afternoon, we were able to finish everything on the deck except the steps & extra screws for reinforcement.  We are so pleased!





This was Ruby telling me to stop working & start playing.  I happily obliged.

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