Cottage: Kickoff

Last week we traded in sunglasses for safety glasses for our vacation in Michigan as we officially kicked off work on the cottage! Waiting since March to get started was definitely a practice in patience for me, as someone who is not naturally patient (you can even ask my Mom or Mark on that).   As with any good project, there were a few minor snags , but we managed to make great progress in a short amount of time:

  • Interior & exterior demo
  • New OSB on exterior
  • Framed & installed new windows & doors
  • House wrap
  • Siding (almost done)
  • Planned electrical layout

Of course there were the inevitable trips to various home improvement stores, clearing & hauling off debris, and everything in between.


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A few quick special shout-outs:  Dad for working even on Father’s Day, Mom for feeding us all week, and my brother Seth for lending an extra set of hands.  We are grateful.

Seeing the transformation thus far and knowing what is to come is exhilarating. We’ll be heading back to Michigan on the 30th for a long holiday weekend to do more work, planning, etc.  In the meantime Mom & Dad are keeping the ball rolling.







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