Cottage: Planning in Progress

Today marks exactly 3 weeks until Mark & I will be back in Michigan, and we will officially be able to start work on the cottage.  We are fortunate that Mom & Dad already got a head start with cleaning & demo.  In the meantime, my planning is in full force.  I have been hunting for everything you can imagine from flooring to light fixtures and paint colors to window coverings.  There have been multiple texts/calls/photos sent back and forth discussing layouts, materials, prices, etc.  It is all very exciting!


Since the cottage is at the lake, I want the overall design to reflect that.  There won’t necessarily be a theme but I am planning on using colors & elements that mimic the surroundings.  I’ve been focusing on sandy tans, soft greys & blues, whitewashed wood & some pops of bright blue.  I want the cottage to be peaceful & casual, perfect for long relaxing weekends we look forward to spending there.


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