The Cottage



Mark and I are excited to announce that we are purchasing and remodeling a cottage in Michigan  with the help of my parents.  We are buying the cottage from a relative.  This has been in the works since early March, but we wanted to wait until the right time and the paperwork was signed before we shared the news.

There are so many reasons that we are excited about this.  The cottage is right across the road from my parents.  It will be our “own place” close to our family and friends in Michigan and will free up extra space at my parents for more family when we are visiting.  Since we live in Indiana, the opportunity to have this home in Michigan makes my heart happy.  The cottage is already the perfect, cozy size to be exactly what we need.  It was built by a relative about 50 years ago and has stood the test of time, but  of a little TLC.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to give it exactly that, while working right alongside my parents.  I am already in love with this little beauty.


The remodel will include updating & personalizing so we can enjoy the cottage with family & friends for many years to come.  My head has been spinning with so many design and decorating ideas that I am thrilled to be able to put into place here.  We will be in Michigan in June to officially “kick-off” the remodeling.  There will be many updates & photos to come so please feel free to follow along with our progress!

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