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Auction Finds

By now you probably know that Mark and I love going to auctions.  A couple of weekends ago we spent our Saturday morning at a local estate auction run by our favorite auctioneer.  At first, nothing stood out that we planned on bidding on…then… Continue Reading “Auction Finds”

Auction Anyone?

What are you doing this weekend? Looking for something different?  If you’ve never been to an auction there is no time like the present. Mark and I started to going auctions a few years ago and became enamoured with the whole experience.  We have… Continue Reading “Auction Anyone?”

Auction Find: Copper Kettles

Saturday is auction day around here, and yesterday we went to one of our favorites in town.  They had a really nice variety of items for sale from several estates.  There  were a few things we bid on but did not  win.  However,  we… Continue Reading “Auction Find: Copper Kettles”

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