Cheers To 50 Years

This past weekend Mom & Dad celebrated 50 + years of marriage…how AMAZING IS THAT?!  Their anniversary was actually in January but they decided they would rather celebrate in the summer…because traveling in Northern Michigan in the middle of winter is less than ideal for most people.  Let me start by saying that my parents are truly incredible…loving, genuine, hard-working, generous, salt of the earth kind of people.  Not to mention that they have been each others’ best friends for over half of a century.  Biased or not, there is no one like them and they deserved a celebration as wonderful as they are.

Basically as soon as the date was set I started collecting and planning for the decorations. Mom & Dad are not fussy people and they did not want a fancy party. I stayed away from decorations covered in shiny gold glitter and the number 50, that’s just not their style. Instead I went with antique gold and ivory for more of a vintage vibe.

I started picking up items here and there…frames, lanterns, and miscellaneous accents from Hobby, Lobby, At Home, Gordmans, etc.  Surprisingly, I also ended up buying a lot of items on Amazon.  One of my favorite pieces was this wood slat wall hanging that I came across in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby.  I decided to write out a portion of their wedding vows in gold paint pen to display at the party.

I laid things out a few times at home just to make sure everything went together.  When the time came to head to Michigan, I had everything packed up and ready to go.

The hall was a blank canvas, but unfortunately that came with some limitations.  No hooks, tacks, or tape of any kind were allowed which eliminated anything on the walls.

I focused most of my attention on the card & dessert tables and hung paper flowers from the ceiling.  The dining tables were simple…alternating gold & ivory table cloths, wrapped LED tealights, and little wood hearts carved with the word “love” scattered down the middle.

It it was a full house…full of family and friends from near and far

Due to a precarious weather forecast…not many decorations made it outside.  Thankfully the weather did cooperate so we could all enjoy some line dancing and a campfire-style sing-a-long and no one missed the decorations (except maybe me).

The night was full of love and laughter, which was the perfect way to celebrate such a special milestone and couple.  My only regret is that somehow I didn’t get a single photo of my parents together…hopefully someone did, time to ask around.

Cheers to you Mom & Dad


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