Cottage: “Moving Day”

One week ago we loaded up a uhaul with things for the cottage and headed North. Most importantly, THE COUCH made the trip.  I say that with emphasis because I fell in love with this couch the first time I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for the cottage.  We purchased it through a warehouse sale at Lazy Boy, it took about 6 weeks to arrive, and has been sitting at our local store for about 6 weeks because we had nowhere to put it.  Mark picked up the trailer then the couch.  I was unreasonably excited to finally have it in our possession.  I know, it is just a couch, but did I mention that its perfect?  Then we packed in some other furniture, accessories, etc. that I had been accumulating in our spare room over the last several months…luckily everything fit perfectly!

We made the trip Michigan without incident, unloaded everything and still had enough time to enjoy dinner out with Mom & Dad….AND made it to Lowe’s to pick up appliances, butcher block for the countertops and a kitchen sink…it was quite the productive day.

Friday was mostly assembly day.  The main project Mark & Dad worked on was our wardrobe for the bedroom.  It came in approximately 374 pieces, I mostly supervised.  However, I did manage to put together the lamp for the living room and help with the dining table. Once the wardrobe was assembled, I was able to configure the bedroom.  I can measure a space 20 times and try to visualize, but I needed to lay it out in person.

Above are a few sneak peeks.  It was so exciting to see “our stuff” inside the cottage instead of just tools & building materials.  There were several times Mark & I caught ourselves looking around in awe of how far the cottage has come and how good everything has turned out.

Just for fun, below are a couple of scenic pictures from the weekend and one of our current deck furniture.  This little set up may end up being temporary, but it certainly brightens up the front of the cottage and only cost about $20…can’t beat that!


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