Patio Progress

To put it simply, our patio was pitiful.  Our last house had a beautiful paver patio with a stone border & custom cedar pergola that we installed over a long weekend with my parents…We LOVED it.  I wanted to bring it all with us somehow when we moved…but we bought a bigger house with a smaller patio.  To no avail, I tried convincing Mark & Dad to at least take the pergola.   The only thing that made the trip was the furniture.  The table & chairs barely fit on the concrete slab, and were rarely used.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with the set, it was just too big for our little patio.  We did put forth an effort at one point to make it look nice…but as you can see below, we gave up.

This summer was the time for change. There were two key factors for us to consider:

  1. Function:  We decided we wanted to use the patio as more of a conversation space than a dedicated dining area.
  2. Scale: We needed furniture that would fit the area comfortably without looking oversized or crowded.

It was also important to incorporate some color to brighten the patio up.  We ended up with a loveseat, 2 armchairs, coffee table & accessories.  We’ve already spent more time this summer enjoying the patio than the last two years combined.  Eventually we may consider installing some type of pergola or sun-sail but for now it is perfect for us to relax, enjoy glass of wine and watch Ruby chase birds.

Furniture & accessories: Lowes ~ Indoor/outdoor rug: Target

Ruby also enjoys relaxing on the patio

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