Day Trip

This is somewhat of a departure from my typical posts but on a whim this past Saturday we decided to take a road trip up to Fort Wayne for the day.  Mark was originally scheduled to work but didn’t have to so we decided to take advantage of an unexpected day together with no plans. Usually on a day like this we might end up going to Indianapolis but were in the mood for something different.   We had previously been to a concert in Fort Wayne, and driven through a few times, but never really had a chance to explore.

We spent the day driving around, did a little walking and shopping downtown and stopped for some delicious pizza  (shocking right?) for lunch.  One of our stops of the day was the History Center, which ended up being a pleasant surprise.  It was full of exhibits and artifacts from the Fort Wayne area and the entire of Indiana.  It was informational and interesting, but what also caught my eye was the detail of the building itself.

This stained glass was magnificent.  I loved the carpet that ran through the halls and up the stairs.  I was disappointed when I realized that my picture didn’t capture end of the banister because the detail was impressive.

The ceiling and the lights in the chamber meeting room were stunning.  The giant copper chandelier was like nothing I have ever seen, and it was HUGE!  Also, there were charming copper sconces spaced around the perimeter of the entire room.  I would love to see it at night all lit up.

Our last stop before heading home was Two EE’s winery where we enjoyed a tasting and then a glass on there enclosed (and heated) patio.  It was the perfect relaxing end to our day and we already plan on going back when the weather is warmer.


If you’re ever going to be in the area, check out more info here:







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