Orange Inspiration

img_8002I believe that design inspiration can strike at any time, sometimes when you least expect it.  In the case of our guest room it came in the form of an orange metal side table at our local Gordmans.   When I walked by it, I knew instantly it could be a perfect night stand for our guest room.  Even though we didn’t have a stitch of orange in our house, I loved the color and the design so I decided to run with it.

Once I opened my eyes and mind to this new color addition, it was a fun challenge to search out coordinating pieces to go in the room.  Never did I imagine we would have a guest room full of orange.  I had always thought soothing colors like soft blues, greens & were more appropriate.  However, I think the end result is a warm and welcoming space for our guests.


BONUS: let’s not ignore the fact that this color is perfect for the season




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