Cottage: Late Update

This post is overdue…as in a month overdue.  The last time we were in Michigan to work on the cottage was Labor Day weekend.  Life has been a little crazy since then.  Mark was offered and accepted a new job, and I found out mid-September that I will need surgery which has been scheduled for the end of October.  A whole lot of life happening right now!

I’ll keep this pretty brief and let the photos speak for themselves. Over Labor Day weekend we made big progress…we started putting insulation in then hanging drywall.  It was truly a family affair and as always, we were/are thankful for any extra hands.


On Sunday evening we took a leisurely boat ride around the lake with my Uncle.  It was a perfect reminder of why we are on this adventure and that all of the hard work will be nothing in comparison to the reward.

Mark & Jackson

We have been hoping to make it back up there a couple times this fall but due to the recent developments a lot is up in the air for the time being.  C’est la vie!




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