In my last post I made mention of BIG THINGS happening soon at the cottage, and that time has come! 

We have been back in Indiana for the last couple weeks but in the meantime my parents have been absolutely rocking it.  Have I mentioned before how awesome they are?  Mark and I couldn’t imagine doing this without them. 

So what about the BIG THINGS? First, framing.  We have walls people! And the ceiling has been vaulted, this is going to make it feel much more open.    

Also, everything is in order for our electrical to be converted from overhead to underground next week.  The electrician is scheduled to begin rewiring the entire cottage on Monday.  

These are the photos of what mom & dad have been up to this past week…

How great is this? We’re excited to go back up there next weekend to see all of their hard work in person and get our hands dirty again.

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