Fall Inside & Out

I love fall.  As a native Michigander, I believe this is in my blood.  Fall is beautiful here in Indiana also, and right now the colors are magnificent.  I have been thinking recently, what exactly is it about fall we all love so much?  And how can we bring it inside?  Fall has impact on each of our senses.  We can easily (and inexpensively) mimic what is going on outside with simple changes inside to enjoy regardless of the weather.


  1. Sight: Fall is all about COLOR.  Changing out or adding a few throw pillows, vases, or other accent pieces in warm hues of red, orange & gold is an easy way to translate what is going on outside your window into your decor.  Also, if you focus more on colors and patterns instead of a specific holiday theme (not skeletons & witches or turkeys & pilgrims), you can enjoy your seasonal decor for several months at a time.  Go ahead and tuck away the pastels, fresh blues & sunny floral prints for now, you will enjoy them that much more again in the spring
  2. Hearing: This one may be a little more subtle than the others.  I don’t exactly want the sound of Canadian geese honking overhead as they fly south playing in my house.  However, the sound of a crackling fire is one of the most relaxing that I can imagine.  Don’t have a wood burning  fireplace?  Or any fireplace? (I have a gas fireplace but it doesn’t have the same effect as wood burning)  There are now candles made with crackling wood wicks to mimic the sound of a real burning fire, and they come in a variety of colors & scents.  *WoodWick brand candles available at Kohls are great & often on sale* 
  3.  Smell:  Even if you do not feel like baking pumpkin pies every day, you can still enjoy similar smells all season long.  There are endless options when it comes to how to bring the scents of fall in your home including traditional & flameless LED candles, wax warmers, oil diffusers and room sprays. Personally, I tend to lean towards woodsy or crisp fragrances, but there are plenty of sweet and spiced options that can fill your home with the smells of something fresh out of the oven.  Changing out fragrances to reflect the season is a must for me, and I enjoy trying out new scents each year.  Current scent in my wax warmers: Mahogany Cedar
  4. Touch: For me this is all about texture, you can get same feeling from a throw blanket that you do from your favorite sweater.  Cable kblanketsnits, flannels & faux fur are all great fabric options that can give your space instant warmth without a big commitment.  The best part is not only will it add to your decor, but there isn’t a better feeling than curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket on a cold and rainy day.
  5. Taste:  This one is pretty obvious and does not need much explanation.  You have probably seen or heard about “pumpkin spiced everything” which I think is wonderful, because it only happens once a year.  I also have a constant craving for hot apple cider with a fresh donut this time of year.  And of course, there are all of the Thanksgiving staples we have to look forward to.  *Keep an eye out for blog posts under the food category for some of my favorite things to make in the fall


I hope you have a wonderful fall season full of everything you love inside & out

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