Spotlight: “Side Table” 

You may be wondering…why the quotations in the title? Because this post isn’t actually about a table at all. HOWEVER, this is about the ingenious alternative my mom shared with me last night.  She sent me the pictures below and my first question was, “Can I please share this on my blog?” to which she agreed.

Mom has been on a mission trying to find the perfect side tables to fit in their bedroom. They have a king size bed that is centered under the window and she wanted to have some sort of side table on each side, but there wasn’t much leftover space to work with.  So she came up with this solution…

Two wood & metal storage crates (Meijer) turned sideways & two swing arm lamps & shades (Menards) mounted to the wall on each side of the bed. The shades were plain white so she used paint to match them to their bedroom decor. The crates provide a table surface and storage, while the lamps provide adjustable and individual lighting for reading, etc.

The whole project (including paint) came in just under $150, which is easily less than she may have spent on 2 traditional side tables & lamps.  Can you see where my creativity comes from?  I have already warned her that there is a very good chance I will be copying this idea for our cottage bedroom 🙂


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